How to Choose a Commercial or Residential Self-Storage Solution

There are many reasons to look for storage solutions, from a family in transit between permanent homes to a retailer wanting to store excess stock. What they have in common is the vital importance of choosing the right solution. Here are some key questions to ask. What Do I Need the Storage [...]

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7 Things to Know When Getting Your First Mortgage

Whether you’re moving house from rented property or moving out from your parents’ home, getting your first mortgage is likely to be the most important financial decision you ever take, and it’s essential to get the right solution. Here are seven of the most important things to know. What Repayments You Can [...]

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How to find the right home for your family

There’s plenty to think about when you’re moving house, but the first thing is whether you’ve found the right home to move into — and this is especially true if you have a family. What You Want and What You Can Afford Saying you should be sure you can afford your new [...]

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What Do You Need to Do if You’re Moving to Australia?

Australia has always been a country for making a new start, and that’s just as true today as it’s always been. Whether you’re travelling to further your career, to relocate your family to a new life, or as someone with no ties who wants to try something new, Australia will [...]

What you need to know before moving to Africa

Africa is an exciting place to be, these days. In spite of the negative publicity it sometimes receives, many of its economies are thriving. Moving abroad to Africa offers wonderful new horizons, but its diverse cultures are very different from Britain. Your relocation will go a lot more smoothly if [...]

How to Manage Life as an Expat on the Other Side of the World

If you’re moving abroad, you’ll have plenty of things to organise for the move itself, from obtaining visas to choosing the best removal company. That’s only the start of the process, though, and adjusting to your new life can be complex, even when it goes well. There are both practical [...]

DIY Moving — 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do

You might think that moving home without hiring a removals company will save on the cost, but without professionals to ensure it goes smoothly, a DIY removal could end up costing you more than you’d pay out to do it properly. If you’re determined to do it yourself, here are [...]

Why Do You Need Insurance for a Removal?

Moving home can be a stressful experience, even when it goes well. If anything goes wrong, it’s a nightmare. The risk can be reduced by researching removal companies and choosing well, but even the most professional company can’t absolutely guarantee that nothing will go wrong. It’s vital to be properly [...]

A Handy Guide to Measuring Your Shipment

If you’re looking for quotes from removal companies, one thing they’re going to want to know is how much you have to move. This is important even if you just need a truck to transport your possessions within the UK, but it becomes crucial if you’re moving abroad and require [...]

A Day in the Life of an Export Packer

As an export packer for Eagle Relocations, my days are long and busy. That doesn’t mean I get through dozens of jobs a day, though. Packing up a customer’s possessions for moving abroad is an important job and can’t be rushed. Are you planning to relocate abroad? Get [...]