The Top 10 best Dream Relocation Destinations – Moving Home

Many of us dream of moving abroad, whether it’s for a place in the sun, for better work or financial prospects, or just to experience somewhere different. But which are the best countries for international relocations?


Canada’s one of the friendliest of all countries to expats, and it’s easy to be taken into the heart of the local community. Education, healthcare and housing are all excellent and, though winters are usually cold, summers can be correspondingly glorious.

Move to Canada
Moving to the USA


Offering a huge choice of environment, the USA is still the land of opportunity — assuming you can get a visa. If you can, the sky’s the limit for career and quality of life. But you don’t need to be told about America — you’ve seen it in the movies.


Who wouldn’t want to live in a country that specialises in chocolate? Not to mention the stunning Alpine scenery that draws in tourists? There’s a lot more than that to Switzerland, though. Even with a higher cost of living, salaries are excellent, and the country has a high standard of healthcare.

Moving to Switzerland
Moving to Germany


A great place to raise your kids, Germany is a stable country whose economy has weathered the recession better than most. Its low level of crime makes it unusually, according to most expats. It’s a very varied country, with attractions ranging from the Alps to fairy-tale castles.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE’s big attraction is the career opportunities it offers, especially for the young, but it can also be a great place to live, if you make an effort to understand the culture. A riotous mixture of east and west, you can relax on its many beaches in the sun when you’re done making money for the day.

Moving to the United Arab Emirates
Moving to SIngapore


Singapore too is especially attractive for its economic opportunities, and you need to be career-driven to get on there. On the other hand, its education system is world-class, and Singapore is ideal if you dream of bringing up your kids in a tropical paradise.


Though perhaps not the most obvious choice, China offers great career opportunities for expats, with a much better work-life balance than you might expect, and a great social life in expat communities. One of the world’s largest countries and oldest civilisations, there’s plenty to see here.

Moving to China
Moving to Japan


You’d expect the career potential in Japan, but you might not expect how friendly the culture is to foreigners. With excellent education and health systems and a healthy traditional diet, Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world.


The Australian way of life is something everyone dreams of. While it’s not all sunshine, surf and barbecues, Australian culture puts a lot of emphasis on healthy outdoor. People are friendly, and it helps that there’s no language barrier for settling in.

Moving to Australia
Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand

Though often in its big brother’s shadow, New Zealand has a distinct culture. Crime is low, and it’s a great place to bring up the children. It has spectacular landscapes, too, which have become well known from their use in films. Who wouldn’t want to live in Middle Earth?

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