How to Choose a Commercial or Residential Self-Storage Solution

There are many reasons to look for storage solutions, from a family in transit between permanent homes to a retailer wanting to store excess stock. What they have in common is the vital importance of choosing the right solution. Here are some key questions to ask.

What Do I Need the Storage For?

This may seem an obvious question, but one that many customers seem not to ask. There are many types of storage solution, and many reasons why you may need them, but this often seems to be the last thing considered.

An individual or family may want to store their goods temporarily if they’re moving abroad and may be returning, or if they wish to declutter the house to prepare it for viewing. A company, on the other hand, may wish to store excess stock, seasonally used furniture or equipment, or old files and records.

How Much Do I Need to Store?

If you leave it till the last moment to find out the quantity you have for storage, you risk either paying for space you don’t need or not having room for what you want to store. As early as possible in the process, get everything together (packed in boxed if possible) and calculate the cubic measurement. This will help the companies you approach give a useful quote.

How Much Access Do I Need?

If you’re a company storing excess stock, for instance, you may need immediate access at very short notice. If you’re storing old financial records that have to be kept for a specified time, on the other hand, you’re unlikely to require access.

This will determine both whether or not the facility needs to be accessible 24/7 and how far away it can be. A facility in the country, for instance, can be cheaper, if distance isn’t important. If you’re going to be constantly visiting, though, the location would need to be close.

What’s the Security Like?

While you won’t necessarily require Fort Knox security, it’s important to make sure your possessions will be safe. If possible, visit the facility in person and ask the staff to explain the security system. A storage solution company with good reason to be proud of its security will normally be delighted to do so.

What’s the Company’s Reputation?

As always, it’s important to investigate any company you plan to do business with, and not just entrust your valuables to the cheapest quote. Check testimonials and online reviews to make sure the company has a long and reliable history of providing safe storage solutions.

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