Gobuzzsurvey’s 2017 Christmas Campaign

The management team, and staff at Eagle Relocations, were touched by the idea that was generated by Gobuzzsurvey. They informed us about how they are working with Crisis (a reputable charity) and are aiming to fundraise £1,000 by 22nd December 2017!
It makes complete sense for one to think of less fortunate people during this time of the year.

It took minutes for us to decide that we were going to get involved, join in with this Christmas campaign and help Gobuzzsurvey achieve their aim of fundraising £1,000 for homeless people.

How can £1,000 help?

Only £26.08 will provide 3 warm and nutritious meals, a shower, a change of clothes, medical check-ups, coaching on housing and seeking work for one person.
This means that a mighty £1,000 will provide all these amenities to 38 people over the festive period.

These figures, and the understanding of what it can potentially provide for these homeless people, really brought it home for us. Eagle jumped at the opportunity to get involved with Gobuzzsurvey.


Gobuzzsurvey decided to donate to the Crisis charity by contributing up to £5.00 for every full-service video or £2.50 for every survey completed by the customers company surveyors. As Eagle have their own trained surveyors, we decided to match the £2.50 donation, making the altogether contribution towards this admirable charity campaign £5.00 per video survey. #MoveWithUs

We are very moved to be associated with such a worthy cause, Crisis, and hope to raise money at this very important time of the year.
We also plan to make more contributions to various charities throughout 2018 and get involved in the best possible way.

Click on the link to donate towards this charity campaign and to find out more about this campaign:


Or you can donate directly on the Crisis website:



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