International relocations & removals insurance

Eagle Relocations offer the most comprehensive insurance coverage for all your local and international moves.

Owner Packed Items:
For items that are packed by you, coverage is only against loss and not damage. The simple logic the insurance company have is that they don’t know if you packed a broken cup !!

Professionally Packed Items:
For items that are packed by us, we have the most comprehensive policy available. Our policy will cover, any damage, such as chips, scratches, dents or breakage as well as loss howsoever caused.

With other moving companies there are 3 standard exclusions:

  • Mold and Mildew
  • Pair and Sets
  • Mechanical Dearrangement.

For further details on these exclusions, please see the policy details attached.

At Eagle Relocations we have NO exclusions. We simply decided to give you the most comprehensive policy available so you don’t have to worry.

Please see the policy attached for further details

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Insurance Terms and Conditions