International house moving checklist
5 – 6 weeks before

  •  Passports and visas are valid.
  •  Are permits required, e.g. for residency, work, vehicles or firearms.
  •  Are there any vaccination requirements?
  •  Do you have your travel documents and tickets.
  •  Do you have personal documents, e.g. birth and marriage certificates and medical records.
  •  Do you need to advise your solicitor, bank, doctor, dentist, insurance company
  •  Cancel subscriptions to clubs and magazines
  •  Notify your children’s school
  •  Obtain invoices for new purchases (for customs import formalities).
  •  Read the ‘Client Responsibilities’ form provided by your dedicated move coordinator and discuss any concerns

3 – 4 weeks before

  •  Valuation for insurance and complete the insurance proposal forms.
  •  Dispose of unwanted items that need not be shipped.
  •  Inform contacts of number and/or address for after you have moved but before you leave the country (if required).
  •  Inform everyone of your contact address and phone number if shifting overseas.
  •  Enquire about obtaining a VAT refund on new purchases.
  •  Get final accounts for gas, water and electricity.
  • Clear all outstanding credit agreements.
  •  Cancel all rental agreements.
  •  Reduce stocks of food and beverages.
  •  Call and confirm your removal date.
  •  Arrange banking facilities at your new country

1 – 2 weeks before

  •  Organise for mail to be forwarded to the new address.
  •  Clean garden tools, bicycles, etc.
  •  Organise care for children and pets on moving day.
  •  Organise for mains services to be disconnected.
  •  Inform your newsagent and milkman and clear their dues, if any.
  •  Empty lockers at school and work.
  •  Return or retrieve any items on loan.
  •  Drain fuel from motor mowers.
  •  Dispose-of plants and perishable food.
  •  Check your own travel arrangements.

1 – 2 days before

  •  Separate all personal items which are to be carried along, e.g. keys, documents, passports, tickets, certificates, currency, clothing, etc.
  •  Disconnect, clean and dry any electrical appliances that you wish to ship.
  •  Disconnect lights for shipment and make wiring safe.
  •  Dismantle furniture items.
  •  Loosen fitted carpets at the edges.
  •  Fridge/ freezer emptied and cleaned
  •  Organise with neighbours to leave sufficient parking space before the removal vehicle arrives.
  •  Remain available in case the packers have any questions.
  •  Just before leaving, check all rooms, cupboards and walls to make sure nothing is left behind.
  •  Take the address of the remover’s agent overseas with you.
  •  Receive confirmation of moving crew’s arrival time.