If you’re looking for quotes from removal companies, one thing they’re going to want to know is how much you have to move. This is important even if you just need a truck to transport your possessions within the UK, but it becomes crucial if you’re moving abroad and require sea or air freight.

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Sea and Air Shipments

If you’re going to use shipment by sea or air for international removals, you’ll need to give a good idea of how much you’re shipping in order to get an accurate quote. In general, sea freight is measured by volume and air freight by weight.

If you’re shipping your possessions by sea, your removal company will ensure they’re packed as economically as possible into the container, leaving little or no unused space. This means you can work out the total volume by measuring length, breadth and height of each item and adding up a combined figure for each dimension. These can be used to calculate the volume required for the entire consignment.

If you’re going for air freight, the chances are you won’t be sending major items of furniture, which makes calculating the weight a little easier. You can either weigh a complete group of items (e.g. ornaments) in a box or bag, which you then weigh on its own, with the difference being the weight you use. In the case of a large collections (e.g. books or DVDs), you can weigh a small group of average-sized items and multiply to get a total.

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Shipping containers come in standard sizes, such as 20 feet (about 6 metres) and 40 feet (about 12 metres). As a rough guide, the contents of an average three-bedroom house would fill a 20-foot container, and if you have that quantity, you can be quoted for a dedicated container.

If what you’re taking isn’t enough to fill a container, there’s the option of sharing a consignment. This means you’d be quoted according to the proportion of the container your possessions take up.

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How Much Will It Cost?

It’s impossible to give a simple answer to what the shipment will cost. It depends on your destination — not only how far, but how popular the route is. If there’s plenty of competition, the price is likely to be lower. The quote will also take into account any difficulties in getting your possessions from the destination port to your new home.

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