Moving home is often said to be one of the most traumatic things you’re ever likely to do. Even a smooth, well-organised move has its stresses, but when things go wrong, they can go seriously wrong. The good news is that most of these issues can be managed or completely avoided by intelligent planning.

The Removal Company Lets You Down

What could be worse than waiting, with all your possessions packed up, only for the removal company not to turn up? Make sure you research removal companies properly. While there are “man with a van” outfits that provide an excellent service, it isn’t easy to pick them from the majority that don’t. It’s best to make sure the company you hire has a proven track record and is affiliated to the British Association of Removers. You may pay a little extra, but the peace of mind is worth it.

Moving nightmares

Learn About the Culture

You’re going to be moving to a culture very different from the UK, so get to know as much about it as possible before you move, both to make sure it’s going to suit you and to avoid serious mistakes. At worst, ignorance of the culture in a country like China could leave you in legal trouble, but even in a more liberal country like Japan, you could find yourself alienating the people around you. Ideally, it would be best to have a holiday in the country before moving.

Moving the Goalposts

If the removal company starts objecting to the price you’ve agreed, they have you over a barrel. You have to move that day, and there’s no time to arrange an alternative. Again, you can avoid this by only looking at BAR-affiliated removal companies, but also by making sure you have a quote in writing that specifies exactly what they’re undertaking for what price. A good removal company will be as eager for this as you.

Items Broken in Transit

Even in the best-organised move, there may be the odd breakage. You can reduce the risk by packing everything securely and labelling the boxes, or using the removal company’s expert packing service. Make sure the company’s fully insured, too, so any breakages will be replaced or reimbursed with a minimum of fuss.

Problems with Customs

If you’re moving abroad beyond the EU, your possessions will have to go through customs, and any error could cause a long hold-up. Research the country’s customs regulations and stick to them absolutely. Make sure all boxes are clearly labelled, so that customs can process them as efficiently as possible.

Your New Property Is Not Available

If you move on the same day you complete on your new property and something goes wrong with the process, you could find yourself with a lorry full of your property and nowhere to move into until the problem can be sorted out. Even the best removal company can’t put that right, but they may be able to suggest good storage solutions or have contacts allowing them to recommend temporary accommodation. It won’t stop the situation being a nightmare, but you might find it easier to endure.

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