India has been fascinating westerners for centuries, and this fascinating, often contradictory country can offer everything from a slower, more spiritual life to Bangalore’s answer to Silicon Valley.


You’ll need a visa to enter India, and there are various types — employment, business, student etc. If possible, start the process of discovering the requirements as early as you can. Full information can be found on the Indian Government’s visa website, or the Indian High Commission’s site.

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Finding a Removal Company

Moving to India means be moving to a culture very different from the UK, so get to know as much about it as possible before you move, both to make sure it’s going to suit you and to avoid serious mistakes. At worst, ignorance of the culture in a country like China could leave you in legal trouble, but even in a more liberal country like Japan, you could find yourself alienating the people around you. Ideally, it would be best to have a holiday in the country before moving.

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Custom Requirements

Many personal effects can be imported duty-free, providing they aren’t new and are shipped within 30 days of your arrival in India. Most major appliances are charged duty of 35-60%, so it might make sense to replace these in India. Those you want to hang onto (your PC, perhaps) will need an adapter, since India uses different types of plug, although the power supply is the same.

Pets may be imported, as long as they have health and rabies certificates.

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Besides following general guidelines on packing, remember:

  • Make sure all boxes are clearly labelled with a list of their contents, and any items that customs might scrutinise are together.
  • Think what you’re likely to need before your goods arrive. Pack it separately and take it as hand-luggage.
  • For extra security, it’s probably worth a little extra expense to get your removal company to pack for you.
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Things to Organise

  • India is a country not only very different from the UK, but very diverse in itself. Learn as much as possible about the culture of the area you’re moving to.
  • If you’re moving to a major city, you may want to rent a home at first till you establish the district you need to live.
    Check out banks and utility companies before you go, if possible — and remember to cancel everything at home.
  • If you have children, find out about the schooling available. If you’re in a major city, there may be British-run schools.
  • Check out medical services, and arrange for medical insurance if necessary.

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