Is your Business Expanding? Moving locally? Relocating further a field?

Our Businees Relocation Services is as flexible as you need it to be.
We keep disruption to a minimum so you can get on with running your operation.

Corporate moving with Eagle Relocations

Eagle Relocations focus on thorough planning for your move.

Our aims:

  • To take care of your relocation so you can focus on taking care of business.
  • To shift your operations and assets with the minimum of disruption and down time, so that you can continue to maximise your productivity and profitability, even during the move.

Understanding your needs.

  • We aim to understand your needs and objectives regarding the relocation of your business, and then customise a moving solution to meet them.
  • You will be appointed one of our highly experienced corporate move managers who will be your single point of contact and manage all aspects of your move.

Thorough planning is the key to our success.

The planning stage will include:

  • A detailed survey of your existing premises, and new premises so that we can fully understand and advise on your floor plan.
  • Conduct an asset survey to identify any items that you would prefer to dispose of rather than take with you to the new premises.
  • Meet with department heads and employees involved with the move so that the relocation can be structured in phases to maximise productivity during the move.
  • Ongoing liaison with the IT department to ensure smooth transfer of all hardware.
  • Address health and safety requirements and conduct detailed risk assessment; implement appropriate control strategies.
  • Regular contact from your Corporate Move Manager to keep you informed of how the move will take place.

The Move.

  • On the day our professional crews follow a detailed schedule. We use a combination of stackable crates designed especially for office furniture and boxes made for safe transportation of IT hardware.
  • All crates will be labelled and stowed carefully in accordance with the new floor plan.
  • The Move Manager will be on site for the duration of the move of all furniture and assets from the old site to the new.
  • The Move Manager’s services can be retained to continue until all system’s are up and running, and all departments can sign off that their units and unit contents are in place.

Peace of mind.

  • Insurance options for moving business premises:
  • We offer a range of insurance options to protect you assets and your business premises during your move. Call us to find out more.
    Environmentally friendly disposal.
  • We can arrange to clear your building of redundant items and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.
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We offer a range of insurance options to protect you assets and your business premises during your move.
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