Moving home can be a stressful experience, even when it goes well. If anything goes wrong, it’s a nightmare. The risk can be reduced by researching removal companies and choosing well, but even the most professional company can’t absolutely guarantee that nothing will go wrong. It’s vital to be properly insured.

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Worst-Case Scenario

When you’re putting all your worldly goods into a van and sending them off on the road (or by ship or plane), why wouldn’t you insure them? Unfortunately, it’s very easy to convince yourself that it’s a cost that can be cut during an expensive process.

Customers Mr and Mrs T had a horror story about their previous move, five years ago. Trying to save money, they’d gone with a local “man with a van”. Some of these are professional and responsible, but not all, and this one convinced the Ts that insurance was an optional extra.

Unfortunately, the driver carelessly left the lorry unlocked at a service station and returned to find it gone, with all the Ts’ possessions. They sued the firm for compensation, but it went into liquidation and they received very little.

Removals insurance for valuables

There’s Always Risk

Risk doesn’t have to involve negligence and unprofessionalism, though. A truck was involved in a serious accident on the continent when another lorry veered straight into him. The driver thankfully escaped serious injury, and the professional packing shielded much of the contents, but there were a number of breakages.

Fortunately, these clients had comprehensive insurance, and they were able to start replacing the broken items within a very short time.

Removal lorry collision damage

Are You Already Covered?

Some home contents insurance policies cover “items in transit”, and this could be interpreted as including removals. Even if you do have this clause in your policy, though, it’s not always wise to rely on it. It’s intended for transporting a few possessions, not the entire contents of you home, and there may be severe restrictions on the compensation you can receive.

Most removal companies offer insurance as part of their service, though sometimes there are clauses restricting liability. The most common restriction is that insurers won’t generally pay out for breakages to privately packed goods, since they’ve no way of knowing they weren’t broken to start with. You can only be sure of full cover if you use the company’s professional packing.