As an export packer for Eagle Relocations, my days are long and busy. That doesn’t mean I get through dozens of jobs a day, though. Packing up a customer’s possessions for moving abroad is an important job and can’t be rushed.

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Moving to France

The first job of the day is for a family moving to the south of France. As a couple with two children, they have a lot to take and have decided to go with a dedicated truck to carry their possessions, while the family will drive down themselves.

The children are fascinated to watch, especially checking to make sure we pack their toys and devices carefully. The family has quite a collection of DVDs, and we’ve brought plenty of boxes specially for them.

They have several porcelain ornaments which need a lot of care, each wrapped individually and stored with plenty of packing between them. They also have a few painting — hardly old masters, but valuable to them, of course. We wrap them in acid-free paper before packing them securely.

We’re done by lunchtime, and the truck pulls away on its journey south. The children wave it off, then prepare for their own departure, while we head off to the next job.

Moving to France

By Sea Container

The next job doesn’t take quite so long. A couple without children are moving to Australia and sending their possession by sea freight. Since they’re leaving most of their furniture and all their appliances, though, they don’t need a container of their own and have opted for a shared consignment.

They’re both academics going to take up university posts Down Under, so a fair proportion consists of books. We’ve brought plenty of boxes specially designed for the purpose, but it takes a good deal of planning to pack them efficiently and safely.

International removals outside the EU have to deal with customs, of course, so we label the boxes and help with the customs documentation, before their things are driven off to be sealed in a container at our warehouse.

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Air Freight

It’s late in the afternoon, but we have one more job, for a family moving abroad to America. Most of their possessions have already gone by sea, but they want a few essentials flown over. It only amounts to three boxes, but some of the contents are fragile (including a laptop) and need careful packing.

I’m pretty tired by the time I knock off, but I wouldn’t change it. After all, I spend all day helping people prepare for their great adventure, and what can be better than that?

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