Recommended Services

When moving home, it is best to prepare and plan for unexpected situations, especially if you are part of a chain. This is when you should consider the additional services Eagle Relocations Ltd have to offer.
We always recommend the following services to our clients, for their protection and to avoid the chance of additional costs.

Late Key Waiver

In an ideal world, when you purchase a new home, you will receive your keys at the agreed completion time; unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the completion time is delayed due to reasons which aren’t your fault however, having a team wait around for you to receive your keys is costly.

To protect our clients from additional charge in the event of delays in completion, we offer a Late Key Waiver. Opting for this recommended service will mean that, the crew will wait for up to three hours in the event of access issues, at no extra cost. If you don’t, you will have to pay £30 +VAT per man and hour. This can amount to a lot of money!

So, opting for a late-key waiver is a sensible and an economical way to ensure you don’t face extra charges.

Cancellation/Postponement Waiver

The cancellation waiver allows you to cancel or postpone the move 24 hours prior to the moving date at no extra cost. The fee of this waiver is 10% of your moving cost.
If this waiver is not taken out, you will be subject to the cancellation charges for your moving service as Point 6 of the BAR (British Association of Removers) terms and conditions will apply.
To find out more, please get in touch .

Our cancellation waiver will enable you to have complete flexibility and will prevent you from incurring an additional charge should you need to cancel or postpone your move unexpectedly.

Premises Protection Waiver

The Premises Protection Waiver will protect your existing or new property against accidental damage, that may occur on your move date. Our crew are very careful with ensuring no damages occur at the premises, however on rare occasions this can happen. So, it is important for our clients to protect their premises in the event of accidental damage.
The total value of this waiver is dependent on the size of your property. Contact us to get your quote now or speak to your Move Coordinator.

Should you not wish to take out this waiver, section 9 of the BAR terms and conditions will apply.