We no longer have jobs for life, and changing jobs often means relocating. Whether you want a new challenge, are made redundant, or move to a different branch of the same company, you could end up anywhere in the country, or in the world.

So what do you need to consider when moving house to follow your career?

Plan Where You Want to Go

Starting a new job somewhere you feel out of place can leave you miserable. Ideally, research target destinations before even applying for the job, but this isn’t always possible, especially if the move is to another branch. At least learn about where you’re going (pay a visit, if possible) before saying yes.

Moving to the City - London

Know the Culture

If you’re moving abroad, make sure you have a reasonable understanding of the culture you’ll be moving into. Certainly learn the language, preferably through conversation with a native speaker, but also learn how things are done and what’s considered appropriate. Ask among friends and work colleagues for anyone familiar with the culture, and use your new colleagues as a resource.

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Can Your Employer Help?

If you’re moving within a company, they may be able to help you find a place to buy or rent in your new location, and many companies will arrange the removal for you. Even if you’re moving to a job with a new company, it’s worth asking for suggestions about finding a new place to live locally.

Help with packing

Choose the Right Removal Company

When it comes to choosing between removal companies, the cheapest quote is rarely the best. It’s far better to go for a professional company that has a track-record for your kind of removals, especially if you’re moving abroad. Also check that it offers services like comprehensive insurance and help with customs paperwork.

Professional Relocations Company- Eagle Relocations

Look for Storage Solutions

If you’re moving for your job, you may be living somewhere temporary till you get sorted out. If there isn’t room for everything you want to take, consider storage solutions rather than disposing of items you may want later. On the other hand, moving is always a good time to get rid of things you didn’t even remember you had. Eagle Relocations can help you with low cost solutions.

Storage your possessions with Eagle Relocations

Take Time to Settle In

Moving home and starting a new job at the same time can be especially stressful, especially if you have a family. If possible, negotiate a few days off before you need to get stuck into the job, and use it to settle into your new home and get to know the neighbourhood. This is where you’re going to be living for some time — till it’s time to relocate for work again.

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