Choosing your transit mode is a major factor in organising your move.

How do you decide? Consider how quickly you need your possessions, and your budget. Eagle Relocations will advise you on the best way to transport your goods depending on the destination, and the size of your move.

Choosing how to move

By Road.

This is a cost effective, fast and flexible way to transport goods to European destinations.

Dedicated Vehicle:

  • A truck is dedicated solely to the transportation and delivery of your possessions.
  • You can choose the delivery date.Consolidation Vehicle.

Consolidation Vehicle:

  • You will be allocated space in a truck transporting a number of clients’ goods.
  • A delivery window would be agreed initially and the final delivery date would be confirmed by us closer to the time.
  • This is more cost effective than a dedicated truck and works well if there is some flexibility available with collection and delivery dates.
Choosing how to move

By Sea.

Probably the most cost effective way to transport goods. Your goods will be transported in a sealed metal container. There are several options you can choose from:

Full Container Load:

  • Worthwhile if you are taking large volume of goods with you overseas e.g. the contents of a 3 bedroom property, as this will fill a container load.
  • Your goods may be loaded and sealed in a secure metal container at your home, known as a ‘live load’.
  • This service takes your goods directly to the port leading to a shorter transit time than a shared or groupage consignment

Shared/ Groupage Consignment:

  • Worthwhile if you are transporting a smaller volume of goods. Your goods will be loaded in a container at our warehouse, shared with other shipments going to the same destination.
  • Transit times may be longer with this value for money service as there is a period of consolidation prior to departure.
Choosing how to move

By Air.

  • For belongings that you need to receive quickly, air freight offers the fastest route. Often families moving abroad will transport their ‘must have’ belongings this way, and send other effects by road or sea.
  • As with Sea and Road, air freight can also be sent directly and exclusively, or more cost effectively as part of a shared consignment.
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