We offer commercial and residential storage solutions depending on your requirements:

Using a storage service lets you make the most of your business space, allowing you to boost sales and also keep costs down. How?

  • Store equipment or furniture which is used seasonally
  • Store excess stock to better present stock at point of sale
  • Consolidate end of sale items

We offer:
A range of packing, collection, and delivery options, depending on your needs

  • Self Packed Service
    You may choose to pack all of your goods yourself. We would be happy to supply all materials and cartons that you need to do this.
  • Fragile/ Part Pack Service
    Whilst you pack the majority of your goods yourself using our materials, you may want to entrust the packing of fragile items such as china, glassware, mirrors, pictures, and electronics to our professional packers.
  • Full Packing Service
    One of our professional packing crews will carefully and efficiently pack everything on your premises, saving you time and effort whilst giving you peace of mind.
  • A single point of contact
    You will be appointed a Storage Account Manager who will oversee the arrival, storage and departure of your goods, as well as ensuring your goods are safely and securely stored for as long as you need at our storage facility.  The premises are alarmed and connected to a monitoring service.
  • Inventory
    You will be given an inventory of your goods for your records
  • Access
    Call your storage account manager to arrange a convenient time to access your goods.
  • Delivery
    Call your storage account manager when you are ready to receive your goods and we will arrange a convenient date and time to deliver them to you.


Being able to store your personal possessions at short notice can make other decisions possible:

  • Being in a chain
    If you are moving home and are in a chain, being able to move out and put your goods into storage can save a sale!
  • De-cluttering your home
    De-cluttering and depersonalising your home before putting it up for sale can enable prospective buyers to visualise your home as their own and therefore help secure a sale. Short term storage of items you don’t want on display can make all the difference.
  • Renovating and refurbishing your home
    Putting your prized possessions out of harms way is the best option when you are renovating your home, clearing space for building works, painting and decorating and keeping your furniture free from dust, grime and paint marks!

As with commercial storage you have a choice of packing options and will be appointed a storage account manager to oversee the arrival, storage and departure of your goods. You will also be given an inventory of your goods and can arrange access to your possessions when needed.

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