URGENT NEWS: Shipping Delays 

2018 Port Delays at Southampton and Felixstowe

The two largest ports in the UK, Southampton and Felixstowe, have been facing a back log of containers since June this year, due to the implementation of their new operating systems. This is still causing congestion and delays for both Imports and Exports.

Port Congestions

Also, the Felixstowe port is having IT issues which is causing reduced haulage availability and driver productivity. This is leading to an increase in shipments incurring rent/storage and demurrage charges.

The UK is already suffering a haulage crisis due to a shortage of drivers. This problem is adding to the issues the ports are currently facing.

So, what does this all mean for you? 

We strongly advise you to book early to ensure we can make the vessel and sailing schedule you need. If you are moving between now and Christmas, we strongly urge you to book NOW to avoid disappointment or extra charges.

With the right planning, we can ensure you meet your collection and delivery schedule, so please get in touch and speak to an advisor today.

Please contact us now to get more details and let us help plan your move.

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